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JonDo User Interface

Jondo main window

The JonDo user interface consists of the following control elements:

For an overview of the program the following information elements have been included:

  • Services
    Here you can choose which of the available JonDonym services to use.

  • Anonymity
    This control element will connect you to the selected JonDonym service.

  • Browser button (JonDo Portable)
    This button starts the portable Firefox browser.

  • Anonym-O-Meter
    Tells you what maximum level of anonymity the active service offers you at the moment.

  • Current service
    Contains information about the number of users, performance and the operators of the active service.

  • Remaining volume
    Shows how much data volume your current account has left.

  • Encrypted data sent
    Counts the anonymized data packets that have been sent by JonDo since last activating anonymity mode.

  • Forwarder
    Displays status information about the user activated forwarding servers.
    (only in the Extended View)
  • Status bar
    Displays current messages.

The additional buttons Help, Assistant, Config and Exit at the bottom of the main view will open further windows.

Control elements

  • Services
    Right beneath the logo is the list of available services. Choose one from it, or just click on one of the presented filters/categories to choose a random service from the respective cagetory.

    service list

    JonDo connects to this service automatically if you have switched anonymity to On earlier. The button refresh refreshes the list. Details will take you to the settings window of JonDo, where you can find detailed information on the available services.

  • Anonymity

    Switch Anonymity to On in order to connect to the chosen server. An animated picture will appear afterwards, if the connection was successful, showing the particular server connections and the amount of simultaneously connected users symbolically. If the switch is set to Off there will be no connection to any service.

  • Browser button

    This button is displayed in the JonDo GUI if you are using JonDo Portable and a "portable" browser has also been found. You may start the browser by clicking it.

Information elements

  • Anonym-O-Meter
    The Anonym-O-Meter measures the level of security of the active service. It is calculated as follows:
    • Distribution, certification and internationality of the operators and mixes.

    • The amount of active users.

    Click here for a description of the different levels in the Anonym-O-Meter.

  • Active service
    Information about the active service:

    • Users: The amount of users currently connected to the service.
    • Speed: Estimated speed of the service.
    • Response time: Estimated time required by the service to receive a response from the server.
    • Operators: The operators of the active service, described by the flag of their corresponding countries. A click on their flag will show details about the respective operator and his mix. A colored border which may appear around some or all flags moreover gives you a quick overview of the certification status concerning the respective mix of an operator. If all mix operators of this service are forced to perform special legal obligations which might influence anonymity in a negative way, a warning label  is shown which you may click to get further information.
  • Remaining volume
    Measures the remaining data volume on the active account. An account with a volume rate is necessary for using the premium services. More info about accounts in JonDo can be found here.
    If you have chosen the Extended View you can click the arrow left to the "Remaining credit" display and receive more information about your account, especially

    • when it will expire and
    • how much volume you have already used.
  • Encrypted data transferreed
    For user information and control of functionality, JonDo displays how much data a user has sent on the anonymity service during the current session.
    In the Extended View you can further subdivide the anonymized data by clicking the arrow left of the data display:

    • World Wide Web (HTTP)
    • Other Internet services
  • Anti censorship service

    The forwarding function allows other users to connect to a service in your JonDo. You may thereby help these users in case their ISP blocks their access to JonDonym services.

    In the Extended View, clicking the arrow left of the display reveals the following information about the forwarder:

    • How many forwarded connections
      • are on hold at the moment
      • have been accepted
      • have been denied
    • How many forwarded traffic there is at the moment.
    • What bandwidth is used for it.

    By activating forwarding you allow unknown users to access your JonDo. This also has potential for abuse, while a trace back to your IP is protected by the used service. Also, you may experience a diminution in speed under certain circumstances.

  • Status bar
    Current news messages related to the available services is displayed here.

Additional buttons

  • The button Minimize Miniwindow button shrinks JonDo to the size of a small window which displays the most important information only. The window docks to the edge of the screen automatically. There you may toggle anonymity by clicking the JonDo icon. Alternatively, you may open the Mini View by double clicking in the main window.
  • i gives you e.g. information about the currently used JonDo version and the licence.
  • Help opens JonDo Help.
  • Assistant helps you with setup of JonDo.
  • Config is where you can configure JonDo yourself.
  • Exit disconnects from the service and quits JonDo.
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Stable Version

Beta Version


Status of available AN.ON services and information about them.

Aktuell / News

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