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Installation of JAP (OS/2)

JAP is a Java application, so you will need a Java Runtime Environment supporting at least Java version 1.1.8. Follow the steps below to check out which version of Java is already installed on your system.

  1. Launch a command console.
  2. Type in java -version and press enter.
  3. If the message command not found appears try the command jre -version.

If all of the commands above return command not found you don't have Java on your system. Proceed with Java not installed

If you get a message containing the Java version then proceed with the appropriate step below.

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Stable Version

Beta Version


Status of available AN.ON services and information about them.

Aktuell / News

Restrictions for the Dresden (JAP) anonymisation servers
After careful consideration we have decided to restrict the size of downloads over the Dresden (JAP) mixes a little. The reason is to allow a more fair use of scarce resources of our servers especially for users who simply want to surf the Web. more...