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Testing the browser setup

With the help of different testsites you can tell whether your browser has been configured right. For JonDonym and Tor Onion Router We recommend specifically the

JonDonym Anonymity Test
IP address check

The anonymity test will check your IP address in many ways. If the configuration was correct your real IP address will be hidden. But time by time there are configuration misstakes or bugs in your browser and deanonymisation is possible. Check the displayed IP address. If it is red you are surfing on the Net without any protection by JonDo or Tor.

Make sure that your browser cannot run ActiveX, Java and Flash without your prior confirmation. An automatic execution of these plugins will usually give away your IP address and important system settings, and can thus revoke anonymity completely or at least partially with respect to that website. You can use a proxifier like ProxyCap or Widecap to avoid these issues.

IP address not hidden
IP address leak by Flash player.
Browser fingerprint

The anonymity test will give you a quick overview about HTTP header informations send by your browser to websites. These informations can used to calculate an individual fingerprint of your browser. The EFF setup a demonstration project Panopticlick. All fields should be colored green or colorless. Orange is usually tolerable, red can be devastating to your anonymity. If you see any red, please work through the browser setup pages again.

Browser fingerprint
Javascript values

If Javascript was enabled the anonymity test shows browser values readable by Javascript. Please note: JonDoFox can not fake all values. Enable Javascript only for trusted sites!

Javascript values

Please remember that at the moment only JonDoFox passes all criteria applied in the test for secure and anonymous surfing. With other browsers such a configuration is only possible to experts, if at all.

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