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Using other applications with JonDo

In principal, you may thereby use any Internet application together with JonDo by entering JonDo as proxy into these applications. Please note: free services are limited in open ports. You can connect only to ports 80 and 443. These ports are used for web surfing (HTTP and HTTPS). For other applications you have to use premium services.

On the following pages, you find configuration instructions for

You will need to enter the following in the proxy settings of your internet application:

  • Host:
  • Port: 4001
  • Typ: HTTP (prefered) or SOCKS v5

If your application supports both proxy types (HTTP and SOCKS proxy), please prefer using an HTTP proxy. If you are using a SOCKS proxy make always sure that the respective application is resolving the DNS name via the SOCKS proxy. In this case You have to activate an option like "resolve hostnames remotely" too.

If you have setup a different listen port than 4001 in JonDo you need to input it here instead of 4001.


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Status of available AN.ON services and information about them.

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