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To get to this panel, press the button "Config" in JonDo's main window, then choose the entry "Anonymity" from the list to the left and open the tab "JonDonym".

Einstellungen zu den Kaskaden

In order to better understand the information and settings in this panel, you might first want to read the introduction to JonDonym und AN.ON.

Filter for Mixes

With the help of the filter you can determine the selection criteria by combining multiple criteria.

Filter for Mix Cascades

Click the button "Edit filter" to create your own filter. You can adjust the following selection criteria to your needs:

  • Cascade length

    Determine whether a single mix is acceptable or whether you only want to use mix cascades.

    Notice: When using a single mix service, your privacy will only be protected if the respective operator is completely trustworthy.

  • Operators

    Here you may decide if you would like to hide services because of the participation of a certain organization or individual as a mix operator.

  • Internationality

    Determine how many different nations have to participate in the service. This includes the location of the mix operating organizations and also the geographic location of the servers themselves.

    Notice: The more internationalization, the more secure the service should be esteemed.

  • Miscellaneous

    Filter services that do not support the SOCKS5 protocol, or that perform a data retention that may, under certain circumstances, influence your privacy. Moreover, you may force using only services that are free of charge here.

    Notice SOCKS5 is a proxy protocol. You may use it to anonymize even more applications than with HTTP alone.

  • Speed and Response time

    Here you can set a minimum speed and a maximum latency that the service has to provide in order to meet your selection criteria.

  • Blocking single services

    The checkboxes to the left of the service entries are checked at default for all available services. Unchecking a box causes JonDo to no longer connect to this service. This achieves even more detailed filtering of services than is already possible with the user defined service filters.

After having adjusted all selection criteria to your likings, click "Accept" to activate your user defined filter. With"Cancel" you can revert your settings.

Information about the available services

You can receive very detailed information about the different services. When hovering with your mouse over an entry in the selection list below the service filter you will be shown the address of the first mix and its access ports. To the right of the list you will furthermore be shown the following information about the selected service:

  • Anonymity

    Shows two evaluations for the presented service, which have both influence on your anonymity: Distribution and user activity (refer to the Anonym-O-Meter). The higher the respective value is (maximum is 6), the better for your security. The respective theoretic maximum is shown after the slash (6,6).

    If all mix operators of this service are forced to perform special legal obligations which might influence anonymity in a negative way, a warning label  is shown behind the anonymity evaluation. You may click on it to get further information.

  • Number of users

    The value displays the current number of users connected to the service. The higher the user count, the higher your privacy will be while using the service.

  • Speed

    Displays the speed with which data is sent and received in the cascade. The value is measured by the InfoServices and is calculated across all measurements from within the last hour.

  • Response time

    Displays the time that passes between sending a data packet and receiving the response data. The value is measured by the InfoServices and is calculated across all measurements from within the last hour.

  • Availability

    You can recognize from this information how reliable and stable the selected service works. The value is measured by the InfoServices and is calculated across all measurements from within the last hour. Also if this service is for some reason not available for you information about this will be shown here. If you click on the message, a dialog with further explanations will open.

  • Supports SOCKS

    If the selected mix cascade supports the SOCKS protocol you will see this message and the SOCKS icon below the availability information. Otherwise you may only use HTTP(S).

The data is further concretized in the lower part of the window. For every mix of the selected service a symbol will be shown. You can tell the number of mixes in a cascade from it. The flag symbols to the right of the mix symbols indicate the nationality of the mix operator (lower flag) and the geographic location of the mix (upper flag). If there is only one flag next to the mix symbol it means that the operator and the mix are located in the same country. Flags with a colored border give a quick overview on the certification status of the respective mix.

Click on a mix symbol or on the right/left arrows to receive the following information about the respective mix of the cascade:

  • Mix name

    The name of this mix as given by its operator.

  • Mix location

    The geographic location of the server is shown here. The flag symbol to the left shows at a glance in which country the mix is located.

  • Operator

    The name of the organization that operates the selected mix. The flag symbol to the left depicts the country in which the mix operator is located.

  • Certificates (Button)

    The icon of this button shows you the certification status of the respective mix at a glance. A click on it opens details about the certificates. (Further information about certificates...)

  • E-Mail (Button)

    A click opens your e-mail program with the address of the operator of the respective mix. Moreover, you may see the e-mail address when moving your mouse over the button.

  • Homepage (Button)

    A click opens your browser with the address of the operator of the respective mix. Moreover, you may see the homepage address when moving your mouse over the button.

  • Map (Button)

    If the mix operator publishes detailled location information about his server, you may see this on a map which opens on clicking.

  • Law (Button)

    This button only appears if an operator is forced to perform special legal obligations which might influence anonymity in a negative way. It opens a web site with further explanations.

Actions for the available services

Below the window with the available JonDonym services you will find a row of buttons with which the following actions can be conducted:

  • Reload

    A click on this button makes JonDo delete all services from the list and ask the InfoService for available services again.

  • Select

    This button selects the currently marked service as the active service. JonDo will try to connect tot this service if anonymity is set to On in the main window.

    Notice: If you activate a premium service but have no appertaining account a dialog will open for account creation, and no connection will be made to the service.

  • Manual

    Here you can manually add a service which has not been reported available by the InfoService but that you know the access data of.

    This function is rarely needed, e.g. if you can not connect to an InfoService to receive information about services automatically. Please also note the above warning for the filter "Services added by yourself".

    After clicking the button you will be presented the following fields in the lower part of the window:

    • Host
      Enter the hostname or IP address of the service.

    • Port
      Enter the port of the service.

    • OK
      After having filled in the above fields, you can insert the service into the list of available services herewith.

    • Cancel
      Cancels the process and redisplays information about the current service at the bottom section.

  • Edit

    This button is only active if a manually entered service exists in the list and is selected. With this action you can edit the settings of a manually entered service again.

  • Delete

    You can only click this button if you have also selected an already existing manually created service from the list. It will remove the respective service from the list.

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