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Services: Advanced Settings

This panel is only available in Extended View. To get to this settings panel, click Config in the main window of JonDo, choose the entry Anonymity from the list on the left, and open the tab Advanced Settings.

Erweiterte Einstellungen

The following general settings concerning all services can be made from here:

  • Anonymize HTTP header
    If this option has been activated, the HTTP header sent by the browser will be set to default values which equal those of JonDoFox. This renders users of other browsers less distinguishable from JonDoFox users or those that have also enabled HTTP filtering. This can improve the protection of privacy but is not necessary if using JonDoFox.

    This function is only available for unencrypted connections to websites (HTTP). A respective filtering for encrypted connections (HTTPS) can only be done by JonDoFox.

  • Confirm every single website when anonymity is switched off
    With this box checked and anonymity mode switched off, JonDo will demand your individual confirmation in order to prevent pages from being loaded unnoticeably without protection whenever requesting a website domain. If you uncheck this box, JonDo will allow a direct connection to the web server in non-anonymous mode without asking for individual confirmation, but only ask for your confirmation once.

  • Auto connect after program start
    If this box is checked, JonDo automatically connects to the anonymization service when started.

  • Auto re-connect after connection to Mix was lost
    Check this box if you want JonDo to automatically reconnect to the anonymization service if the connection has been lost.

  • Automatically change services
    This option randomly selects a service from the cascades set in your service filter if the active service fails or is unreachable.

  • Also on JAP/JonDo startup
    With this option deactivated JonDo will connect to the same service it has been connected to before it was last shut down. Otherwise, a random service will be selected based on the filter criteria you have set.

  • Connect to explicitly unlocked services only (whitelist)
    If activated, JonDo will only allow connections to services that you have explicitly verified and allowed before. This ensures optimal protection from unwillingly connecting to untrusted JonDonym services. On the other hand, you will not benefit automatically from new available services, but will have to unlock them one by one in the JonDonym service panel.

  • Send keep alive packet every
    Here you can decide how often zero-content dummy packets should be sent in order to keep the connection alive when no other packets are currently sent by you.

  • Login timeout (s)
    If your Internet connection is slow, a timeout too short for the login to services may prevent JonDo from establishing an anonymous connection. A timeout too high may cause long waiting times when connecting if the currently chosen service is not available or the connection is blocking for other reasons. Therefore, increase or lower the timeout just as you need it.

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