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JonDo user interface: Mini View


JonDo's Mini View is a minimalist view of JonDo's main window. You can access it by pressing miniviewbutton or by double clicking anywhere in the main window. It shows only the most important information and consists of the following elements:

  • MByte: Shows the amount of traffic that has been anonymized during this session.
  • Anonym: Shows the level of anonymity. The numbers correspond to the Anonym-O-Meter display.
  • for toggling anonymity on or off.
  • button that switches back to normal view (double clicking the window will work too).

Context menu


You can access the most important functions in JonDo from the context menu. The context menu is opened by clicking right in the main interface, the Mini View or on the small icon in the windows panel.

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Stable Version

Beta Version


Status of available AN.ON services and information about them.

Aktuell / News

Restrictions for the Dresden (JAP) anonymisation servers
After careful consideration we have decided to restrict the size of downloads over the Dresden (JAP) mixes a little. The reason is to allow a more fair use of scarce resources of our servers especially for users who simply want to surf the Web. more...