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Changing appearance

To get to this panel, press the button Config in JonDo's main window, then choose the entry User Interface from the list to the left.

In this dialog you can make changes to the appearance, language and message display of JonDo.


JonDo supports different themes for windows and elements.

  • Language
    Here you can change the language in which elements, dialogs and menus appear.
    A restart of JonDo is needed for changes to take effect. You will be asked to do so.

  • Look&Feel
    Look&Feel determines the overall graphical appearance of the program. This includes the appearance of buttons, windows, text fields and other graphical elements. Look&Feel depends on the OS you use. With this list you are given the option of customizing JonDo to your desire. Plus, you can add new Look&Feel themes by downloading them from the Internet and importing them in JonDo. They are not JonDo-specific, i.e. you may theoretically use any theme compatible with Java Swing. Please remember that some of JonDo's elements may not be compatible with a given Look&Feel. You can revert settings anytime though if you encounter problems.

    • Import
      New Look&Feels may be found on www.javootoo.com e.g. Just download the themes you want and click Import afterwards. A file browser will open. Navigate to the location of the newly downloaded Look&Feel package and choose the .jar file. An alert message will inform you whether the result was a success. If it was, you may now select the new theme from the list.

    • Delete
      This will delete the selected Look&Feel. You can only delete those you added yourself.

  • Font size
    Here you can change the font size of the user interface elements.

Display mode of JonDo

  • Extended View
    Extended View shows all options.

  • Simplified View
    Simplified View will not show some advanced options that may be confusing for unexperienced users. The basic functionality of the program does not change thereby.

  • Mini View always on top
    Fixates the JonDo Mini View on top of all other windows. If unchecked, the Mini View will be hidden behind other active windows.

  • Ignore DLL update warnings
    If activated, no warning will be given when a more recent DLL version is available.
    The DLL is a library of functions in the Windows environment for visual improvement and more convenient operation.

Program startup

  • After start of JAP/JonDo...
    If you activate this option, you will be given two further possible options:

    • ...show the minimal view
      This option will show Mini View immediately after starting.

    • ...move JAP/JonDo into the systray
      If this option is selected, JonDo minimizes to the Windows systray immediately after starting. This function is not available on all OS and requires an operating system specific DLL.
  • Splash screen toggle
    If you don't want to see the splash screen when starting and quitting the program you can deactivate this option. Reactivate to see the screen again.

  • Start browser when connecting (only JonDo Portable)
    If you have started JonDo Portable with the commandline option --portable <Path to browser> and the given browser has been found, it will automatically be started when this option is activated. However, your browser will not start until you have established a connection to an anonymization service. If you prefer the browser to not start automatically, deactivate this option.

Path to Help

For optimal accessibility your default browser will be used for displaying the help pages. This requires the help files to be saved somewhere on your harddisk or another media. The setting allows changing the path to these files.

If you click the panel Move a dialog will open which allows you to set the path to the help pages. Notice: With JonDo Portable and on some OS this path can not be changed.

Path to web browser

This options is only available in JonDo Portable.

JonDo Portable automatically looks for a portable JonDoFox or Firefox. It is referenced by JonDo Portable to open web links and help files. If you would like to configure the path to the (portable) browser yourself, you may do this here. Just choose a browser executable file like iexplore.exe, opera.exe or firefox.exe from a local drive (Windows examples). Notice: The chosen browser is NOT automatically configured for the usage of JonDo thereby. If you do not use JonDoFox, you have to configure the browser yourself.

The path is always stored relative to the execution directory of JonDo Portable. It is thereby also valid on alien computer systems if the browser is located on the same portable device as JonDo Portable (e.g. a USB flash drive).

Remember location

This option is only available in the Expert View.

If you check one of the following boxes the corresponding JonDo window will reappear at the position where it was when you closed JonDo. This applies to the following windows:

  • Main View
  • Settings
  • Mini View

Remember size

This option is only available in the Expert View.
  • Configuration window
    Checking this box will make JonDo remember the size of the settings window.

Program shutdown

This option is only available in the Expert View.
  • Show warning when closing JAP/JonDo
    When checked, JonDo displays a warning when closing the program which tells you to reconfigure your browser's proxy settings in order to continue surfing the web.
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