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Payment Settings

To get to this settings panel click "Config" at the JonDo main window, select the entry "Payment" from the list to the left and then open the tab "Advanced Settings". This panel is only available in the Extended View.

    Payment settings
  • Anonymous payment connections

    "Only if direct connection is not possible" makes JonDo transfer information about your current account balance and account creation data through the currently active JonDonym service if the respective payment instance is not available through a direct connection. This could for example be the case if your ISP blocks access to the payment instance.

    "Always (deny non-anonymous connection)" will result in payment instances being contacted only through JonDonym services. By setting this, you may under circumstances no longer be able to create new accounts or receive updated information about your account balance. Affiliate inforamtion will not be send in this case.

    "Never (allow direct connection only)" This setting blocks any requests of payment data through the anonymous connection. It can make sense if you want to cut cost. For payment data transmitted through premium JonDonym services will for compelling technical reasons be accounted for just like any other user data.

  • Automatically update account balance

    If activated, JonDo will try to update your account balance at fixed intervals. If you do not allow this, JonDo will not automatically show your current account balance. Your account will still be maintained correctly by the payment instance though.

  • Warn when closing JAP/JonDo while not all accounts are backed up

    To prevent data loss, you may order JonDo to warn you if one or more of your accounts have not been backed up and JonDo is closing.

  • Connect timeout (s)

    Sets the timeout for connections to the payment instance. If you experience problems creating or paying accounts, increasing the timeout may solve them.

  • Show error messages from accounting instance (deactivate for debugging only!)

    If activated, error messages from the payment instance of the relevant service will be shown. It is recommended to do so. This setting is only available in the beta version.

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