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Protection against dangerous Flash Videos

Flash plug-ins and other plug-ins for web videos are deactivated in JonDoFox for security and privacy reasons. It is possible for Flash applets to bypass the proxy settings and send your real IP address to the webserver. To avoid the IP address leak you can use proxyfier tools. Additional you have to disable Flash cookies.

Hint: The max. file size for downloads is restricted to 2 MB on free cascades! Almost all videos on Youtube and other website you can download only with premium services.

Downloading Flash Videos with UnPlug

To prevent having to activate dangerous Flash in your browser, you should always download web videos to your hard drive and play them from there. This also saves you the additional traffic which would be needed to view a streaming video again. JonDoFox contains the download tool UnPlug for this purpose. If you are visiting e.g. a YouTube page, just click on the menu entry (marked in red) in your Tools menu and select the video you would like to download:

1-Click-Video-Download with UnPlug

Alternatively you may use video download sites like DownloadTube.org or KEEPVID to download and convert web videos.


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Restrictions for the Dresden (JAP) anonymisation servers
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