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How to anonymize Flash videos and applets

By default Flash and Java applets are deactivated in JonDoFox for security and privacy reasons. In order to anonymize Flash applets it is necessary that

  • Flash applets are not allowed to save cookies and that
  • all connections initiated by the Flash player are using the anonymity service to change your ip address.

1. Deactivating Flash cookies (Adobe Flash Player)

Flash applications can set cookies, so-called Local Shared Objects (LSO), independantly of the browser's settings. These cookies are able to save data up to 100 Kb. Usually, they save settings but they may be used to track surfers as well.

In order to manage the settings of your Adobe Flash Player, Macromedia offers a Flash application on its website. There you may e.g. configure the rules concerning the data storage and the rights for using camera and microphone. The settings are spread over several flash applications. Deactivate all funcions that allow sharing and saving of data. The storage of LSOs may be deactivated on the Global Storage Settings panel.

Hint: You have to enable Javascript for adobe.com and macromedia.com temporary to run the Flash application.

Flash Settingsmanager

Furthermore, the cookies already saved have to be deleted. This functionality may be found on the Website Storage Settings panel.

gespeicherte Flash-Cookies löschen

2. Anonymizing the network traffic of Flash and Java applets

In order to anonymize the network traffic of Flash player or Java applets you can run your executing program using a proxifier. Tutorials for using proxyfier tools together with JonDonym you may find here ->. Three solutions we can suggest:

  1. For Windows and MacOS we suggest Proxyfier. You may test it for free for 31 days, afterwards you have to buy a licence key.

  2. For Windows and MacOS you can use ProxyCap. Download the free 30-day trial version an test it. After 30 days you have to buy a licence key.

  3. For Windows XP there is a freeware software available: WideCap.

    (Please note: Widecap is not under development any more and does not run well for new Windows versions.)

After installing and configuration of a proxy in Proxyfier, ProxyCap or WideCap you have to add all the following applications to the control panel of your proxifier (assuming that those programs are installed on C:\).

For Flash videos and applets:

  • C:\Program files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
  • C:\Program files\Mozilla Firefox\plugin-container.exe

For Java applets you have to add:

  • C:\Program files\Java\jre\java.exe

In the future, use javaw.exe in order to launch Java applications without anonymization.

Hint 1: Please, keep in mind that all Firefox traffic will be anonymized using the above settings. This is even the case if you deactivate the anonymization within the proxy configuration of Firefox. It could therefore happen that the plugins are not working properly if JonDo is not running or if you are using the free services as they do not offer SOCKS-Support.

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