Using a self-compiled Mix executable on Linux/UNIX

If you really want to compile the sources by yourself, perhaps the best way would be to use the admin scripts. If you do not want this, please follow these instructions:

Compiling the sources

Fisrt, go into the source directory:
cd proxytest
There are several configuration options available to adapt the source configuration to you system. For detailed help run
./configure --help
Now run the configure command:
./configure [you may use one or more options here]
The output will be something like

checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
checking whether build environment is sane... yes
checking for gawk... no
checking for mawk... mawk
checking for OpenSSL directory... (system)
checking for dom/DOM.hpp... yes
Xerces-C includes found
XercesC-Lib found
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating Makefile
config.status: creating popt/Makefile
config.status: creating xml/Makefile
config.status: creating aes/Makefile
config.status: creating trio/Makefile
config.status: creating config.h
config.status: executing depfiles commands 
If configure didn't completely run through, you can check the config.log file for errors (e.g. using less config.log). Toward the end of that file you may find a clue as to what went wrong. Look for a line that contains the error message that you got from configure. Like this one:
configure:5328: error: Xerces-C Lib NOT found - please use --with-xml-lib

Above this error message you will find the test that caused the error and possibly a more detailed error message.

If configure didn't show any errors, you are ready to compile. Type
You should now have an executable file called 'mix' in this directory. It is the Mix server component. Do a quick test to see if it starts:
./mix -?

This should list a short description of the command line options.

Now Start it for testing using a shipped configuration with:
./mix --config=./documentation/SampleConfiguration/FirstMix.xml
You should see something like this

[2003/06/17-22:43:27, info ] Anon proxy started!
[2003/06/17-22:43:27, info ] Version: 00.01.60
[2003/06/17-22:43:27, info ] Using: OpenSSL 0.9.6c 21 dec 2001!
[2003/06/17-22:43:27, info ] I am the First MIX..
[2003/06/17-22:43:27, info ] Starting MIX...
[2003/06/17-22:43:27, debug ] Starting FirstMix InitOnce
[2003/06/17-22:43:27, info ] SOCKET Option SENDLOWWAT not set!
[2003/06/17-22:43:27, info ] MUXOUT-SOCKET RecvBuffSize: 131070
[2003/06/17-22:43:27, info ] MUXOUT-SOCKET SendBuffSize: 131070
[2003/06/17-22:43:27, info ] MUXOUT-SOCKET SendLowWatSize: 1
The mix will look for the next mix, but there is none, of course. Shut it down by pressing CTRL+C. Now you can use your own config file in the same way and start your mix. Be sure to let it run as daemon, as otherwise it will be shut down when you log out from the console:
./mix --config=config.xml &



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