The MixConfig Tool

Since creating a Mix configuration for operating a Mix server is quite a complex task, we developed a configuration tool called MixConfig. It is both a tool for creating the XML file that is used later on by your Mix server, as well as a certificate management tool for the server's cryptographic keys. MixConfig is a Java application which runs on Java 1.6 and above. The tool can be downloaded from this page or directly from here. The MixConfig tool can be started by typing the following command:
java -jar MixConfig.jar
You can query a list of possible options with
java -jar MixConfig.jar --help
Please note: This is a graphical tool that you cannot run on your Mix server. You need a desktop environment (Windows, Mac OS X, X Windows) for using the tool.

Start Screen

The MixConfig tool has two modes of operation: The wizard mode, where you get complete guidance to create the configuration file for your Mix, and the expert mode, where you have some more options, but less support. (See also View menu for further details). If you choose one of the following options, the MixConfig tool will start in the wizard mode:
  • Create new configuration
    Creates a new configuration with default values.
  • Load/Resume existing configuration
    Loads a configuration from a file.



Stable Version

Beta Version


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Aktuell / News

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