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Proxy settings: Opera

JonDos recommends the preconfigured, portable JonDoFox for secure anonymous web browsing. It is available as a Firefox profile for all operating systems.

To set up JonDo for Opera instead, do the following:

1.) From the "Tools" menu, choose the submenu "Preferences". In the new window that opens, choose the category "Network"

2.) Now you can change the proxy server settings. Click on the "Proxy servers" button. A new window opens where the following settings need to be changed:
Set the checkboxes for HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. In each of the fields, enter the server address "". Enter "4001" for the port.

If you want to specify addresses where JonDo shall not be used, you can enter those exceptions into the field "Do not use proxy on the addresses below", after activating the checkbox.
Note: If you set a different listen port in JonDo, you'll have to enter this port here too, rather than "4001".

Optimize browsing speed

The following additional changes to the configuration are recommended so that Opera works together with JonDo without unnecessary delays while loading web pages:

  • Enter into the address bar: opera:config + Enter (while JavaScript is activated).
  • Then scroll down to *Performance*.
  • Set *Network Buffer Size* to 256, remove the check mark at *Reduce Max Persistent HTTP Connections*. Save. After that, scroll to *Proxy* and set a check mark at *Enable start with HTTP 1.1 for proxy*. Save. Shut down Opera and restart.
  • Then set, in Opera, at Tools, Preferences, Advanced, at *Network* the entry *Max. connections to a server* to 16 and *Max. total connections* to 20. Slightly above, click on "Proxy Servers..." and activate HTTP 1.1 for proxy connections.

This optimization has been tested with Opera 9.63.10476.

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