Interface Summary
IAccountListener Event listener for one account
IBIConnectionListener Classes that want to listen to events generated by a BIConnection have to implement this interface and register as a IBIConnetionListener at the BIConnection.
IMessageListener implemented by classes that are capable of diplaying or otherwise handling messages corresponding to accounts (Typical case: account lost money due to an error at Jondos -> set message "please contact us to get your money back") Every implementing class is responsible for - making sure that a message is shown as often is appropriate (the same message might very well be received more than once) - making sure that it can delete the message when necessary (there is no way provided to get a list of existing messages)
IPaymentListener GUI classes can implement this interface and register with the Payment library to be notified about payment specific events

Class Summary
AIControlChannel This control channel is used for communication with the AI (AccountingInstance or Abrechnungsinstanz in German) which lives in the first mix.
PayAccount This class encapsulates one account and all additional data associated to one account.
PayAccountsFile This class encapsulates a collection of accounts.
PaymentInstanceDBEntry Holds the information of a payment instance for storing in the InfoService.
PayMessage Data class for holding a message that is set for an account via the PIG, stored in the JPI database, and shown by the JAP as a status message Sent as a member variable in an XMLBalance (Though this class could easily be retrofit to implement IXMLEncodable if necessary)

Exception Summary
PayAccountsFile.AccountAlreadyExistingException Thrown if an account with same account number was already existing when trying to add it.