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CASocketGroupEpoll Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 CASocketGroupEpoll (bool bWrite)
 ~CASocketGroupEpoll ()
SINT32 setPoolForWrite (bool bWrite)
SINT32 add (CASocket &s)
 Adds the socket s to the socket group. More...
SINT32 add (CAMuxSocket &s)
 Adds the socket s to the socket group. More...
SINT32 add (CASocket &s, void *datapointer)
SINT32 add (CAMuxSocket &s, void *datapointer)
 Adds the socket s to the socket group. More...
SINT32 remove (CASocket &s)
SINT32 remove (CAMuxSocket &s)
SINT32 select ()
SINT32 select (UINT32 time_ms)
 Waits for events on the sockets. More...
bool isSignaled (CASocket &s)
bool isSignaled (CASocket *ps)
bool isSignaled (CAMuxSocket &s)
bool isSignaled (void *datapointer)
void * getFirstSignaledSocketData ()
void * getNextSignaledSocketData ()

Private Attributes

struct epoll_event * m_pEvents
struct epoll_event * m_pEpollEvent
SINT32 m_iNumOfReadyFD
SINT32 m_iAktSignaledSocket

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CASocketGroupEpoll()

CASocketGroupEpoll::CASocketGroupEpoll ( bool  bWrite)

◆ ~CASocketGroupEpoll()

CASocketGroupEpoll::~CASocketGroupEpoll ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ add() [1/4]

SINT32 CASocketGroupEpoll::add ( CASocket s)

Adds the socket s to the socket group.

Referenced by add(), CAFirstMix::doUserLogin_internal(), CAFirstMixB::loop(), and CAFirstMixA::loop().

◆ add() [2/4]

SINT32 CASocketGroupEpoll::add ( CAMuxSocket s)

Adds the socket s to the socket group.

References add().

◆ add() [3/4]

SINT32 CASocketGroupEpoll::add ( CASocket s,
void *  datapointer 

◆ add() [4/4]

SINT32 CASocketGroupEpoll::add ( CAMuxSocket s,
void *  datapointer 

Adds the socket s to the socket group.

Additional one can set a parameter datapointer, which is assoziated with the socket s

References add(), and CAMuxSocket::getCASocket().

◆ getFirstSignaledSocketData()

void* CASocketGroupEpoll::getFirstSignaledSocketData ( )

◆ getNextSignaledSocketData()

void* CASocketGroupEpoll::getNextSignaledSocketData ( )

◆ isSignaled() [1/4]

bool CASocketGroupEpoll::isSignaled ( CASocket s)

◆ isSignaled() [2/4]

bool CASocketGroupEpoll::isSignaled ( CASocket ps)

◆ isSignaled() [3/4]

bool CASocketGroupEpoll::isSignaled ( CAMuxSocket s)

◆ isSignaled() [4/4]

bool CASocketGroupEpoll::isSignaled ( void *  datapointer)

References data, m_iNumOfReadyFD, and m_pEvents.

◆ remove() [1/2]

SINT32 CASocketGroupEpoll::remove ( CASocket s)

◆ remove() [2/2]

SINT32 CASocketGroupEpoll::remove ( CAMuxSocket s)

◆ select() [1/2]

SINT32 CASocketGroupEpoll::select ( )

◆ select() [2/2]

SINT32 CASocketGroupEpoll::select ( UINT32  time_ms)

Waits for events on the sockets.

If after ms milliseconds no event occurs, E_TIMEDOUT is returned

time_ms- maximum milliseconds to wait
Return values
E_TIMEDOUT,ifother ms milliseconds no event occurs
E_UNKNOWN,ifan error occured
number of read/writeable sockets

References E_TIMEDOUT, E_UNKNOWN, CAMutex::lock(), m_hEPFD, m_iNumOfReadyFD, m_pcsFD_SET, m_pEvents, MAX_POLLFD, and CAMutex::unlock().

◆ setPoolForWrite()

SINT32 CASocketGroupEpoll::setPoolForWrite ( bool  bWrite)

References E_SUCCESS, and m_pEpollEvent.

Referenced by CASocketGroupEpoll().

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_hEPFD

EPOLL_HANDLE CASocketGroupEpoll::m_hEPFD

◆ m_iAktSignaledSocket

SINT32 CASocketGroupEpoll::m_iAktSignaledSocket

◆ m_iNumOfReadyFD

SINT32 CASocketGroupEpoll::m_iNumOfReadyFD

◆ m_pcsFD_SET

CAMutex* CASocketGroupEpoll::m_pcsFD_SET

◆ m_pEpollEvent

struct epoll_event* CASocketGroupEpoll::m_pEpollEvent

◆ m_pEvents

struct epoll_event* CASocketGroupEpoll::m_pEvents