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basetypedefs.h File Reference


struct  __UINT64__t_
struct  __SINT64__t_


typedef uint32_t UINT32
typedef int32_t SINT32
typedef uint16_t UINT16
typedef int16_t SINT16
typedef uint8_t UINT8
typedef int8_t SINT8
typedef struct __UINT64__t_ UINT64
typedef struct __SINT64__t_ SINT64
typedef unsigned int UINT
typedef signed int SINT

Typedef Documentation


typedef signed int SINT

◆ SINT16

typedef int16_t SINT16

◆ SINT32

typedef int32_t SINT32

◆ SINT64

typedef struct __SINT64__t_ SINT64


typedef int8_t SINT8


typedef unsigned int UINT

◆ UINT16

typedef uint16_t UINT16

◆ UINT32

typedef uint32_t UINT32

◆ UINT64

typedef struct __UINT64__t_ UINT64


typedef uint8_t UINT8