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CAMultiSignature Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 CAMultiSignature ()
virtual ~CAMultiSignature ()
SINT32 signXML (DOMNode *a_node, bool appendCerts)
SINT32 signXML (UINT8 *in, UINT32 inlen, UINT8 *out, UINT32 *outlen, bool appendCerts)
SINT32 sign (UINT8 *in, UINT32 inlen, UINT8 *sig, UINT32 *siglen)
 Method for producing a single Signature for Key Exchange. More...
SINT32 addSignature (CASignature *a_signature, CACertStore *a_certs, UINT8 *a_ski, UINT32 a_skiLen)
UINT32 getSignatureCount ()
SINT32 getXORofSKIs (UINT8 *out, UINT32 outlen)
SINT32 findSKI (const UINT8 *a_strSKI)

Static Public Member Functions

static SINT32 verifyXML (const UINT8 *const in, UINT32 inlen, CACertificate *a_cert)
static SINT32 verifyXML (DOMNode *a_node, CACertificate *a_cert)

Private Member Functions

SINT32 getSKI (UINT8 *in, UINT32 inlen, const UINT8 *a_ski)

Private Attributes

UINT32 m_sigCount

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CAMultiSignature()

CAMultiSignature::CAMultiSignature ( )

References m_sigCount, m_signatures, and m_xoredID.

◆ ~CAMultiSignature()

CAMultiSignature::~CAMultiSignature ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addSignature()

SINT32 CAMultiSignature::addSignature ( CASignature a_signature,
CACertStore a_certs,
UINT8 a_ski,
UINT32  a_skiLen 

◆ findSKI()

SINT32 CAMultiSignature::findSKI ( const UINT8 a_strSKI)

◆ getSignatureCount()

UINT32 CAMultiSignature::getSignatureCount ( )

◆ getSKI()

SINT32 CAMultiSignature::getSKI ( UINT8 in,
UINT32  inlen,
const UINT8 a_ski 

◆ getXORofSKIs()

SINT32 CAMultiSignature::getXORofSKIs ( UINT8 out,
UINT32  outlen 

References getSKI(), and m_xoredID.

Referenced by CACmdLnOptions::setOwnCertificate().

◆ sign()

SINT32 CAMultiSignature::sign ( UINT8 in,
UINT32  inlen,
UINT8 sig,
UINT32 siglen 

Method for producing a single Signature for Key Exchange.

References E_UNKNOWN, m_sigCount, m_signatures, __t_signature::pSig, and CASignature::sign().

Referenced by CAFirstMix::doUserLogin_internal().

◆ signXML() [1/2]

SINT32 CAMultiSignature::signXML ( DOMNode *  a_node,
bool  appendCerts 

◆ signXML() [2/2]

SINT32 CAMultiSignature::signXML ( UINT8 in,
UINT32  inlen,
UINT8 out,
UINT32 outlen,
bool  appendCerts 

◆ verifyXML() [1/2]

SINT32 CAMultiSignature::verifyXML ( const UINT8 *const  in,
UINT32  inlen,
CACertificate a_cert 

◆ verifyXML() [2/2]

SINT32 CAMultiSignature::verifyXML ( DOMNode *  a_node,
CACertificate a_cert 

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_sigCount

UINT32 CAMultiSignature::m_sigCount

◆ m_signatures

SIGNATURE* CAMultiSignature::m_signatures

◆ m_xoredID

UINT8* CAMultiSignature::m_xoredID