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CALastMixChannelList Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 CALastMixChannelList ()
 ~CALastMixChannelList ()
SINT32 add (HCHANNEL id, CASocket *pSocket, CASymChannelCipher *pCipher, CAQueue *pQueue)
lmChannelListEntryget (HCHANNEL channelIn)
lmChannelListEntrygetFirstSocket ()
lmChannelListEntrygetNextSocket ()
SINT32 removeChannel (HCHANNEL channelIn)
UINT32 getSize ()

Static Public Member Functions

static SINT32 test ()

Private Attributes

UINT32 m_nChannels
 The Hash-Table of all channels. More...
 Pointer to the head of a list of all sockets. More...
 Next Element in the enumeration of all sockets. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CALastMixChannelList()

CALastMixChannelList::CALastMixChannelList ( )

◆ ~CALastMixChannelList()

CALastMixChannelList::~CALastMixChannelList ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

SINT32 CALastMixChannelList::add ( HCHANNEL  id,
CASocket pSocket,
CASymChannelCipher pCipher,
CAQueue pQueue 

◆ get()

lmChannelListEntry* CALastMixChannelList::get ( HCHANNEL  channelIn)

◆ getFirstSocket()

lmChannelListEntry* CALastMixChannelList::getFirstSocket ( )

◆ getNextSocket()

lmChannelListEntry* CALastMixChannelList::getNextSocket ( )

◆ getSize()

UINT32 CALastMixChannelList::getSize ( )

Referenced by CALastMixA::loop().

◆ removeChannel()

SINT32 CALastMixChannelList::removeChannel ( HCHANNEL  channelIn)

◆ test()

SINT32 CALastMixChannelList::test ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_HashTable

LP_lmChannelListEntry* CALastMixChannelList::m_HashTable

The Hash-Table of all channels.

Referenced by add(), CALastMixChannelList(), removeChannel(), and ~CALastMixChannelList().

◆ m_listSockets

lmChannelList* CALastMixChannelList::m_listSockets

Pointer to the head of a list of all sockets.

Referenced by add(), CALastMixChannelList(), and removeChannel().

◆ m_listSocketsNext

lmChannelList* CALastMixChannelList::m_listSocketsNext

Next Element in the enumeration of all sockets.

Referenced by CALastMixChannelList(), and removeChannel().

◆ m_nChannels

UINT32 CALastMixChannelList::m_nChannels