Interface DialogContentPane.IWizardSuitable

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AccountSettingsPanel.AccountCreationPane, CaptchaContentPane, FileChooserContentPane, FinishedContentPane, JpiSelectionPane, MethodSelectionPane, PassivePaymentPane, PasswordContentPane, PaymentInfoPane, SimpleWizardContentPane, TermsAndConditionsPane, VolumePlanSelectionPane, WorkerContentPane
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public static interface DialogContentPane.IWizardSuitable

Content panes that are suitable for use in a wizard should implement this interface. If implemented, and the content pane is at least chained with one other content pane (next or previous), the buttons are displayed in the style of a wizard: "No" -> "Previous", "Yes" -> "Next", "Cancel". The last pane in the chain gets a "Finish" instead of "Next".

A class that implements the wizard layout has the button operation BUTTON_OPERATION_WIZARD by default. Of course, this may be altered by calling setDefaultButtonOperation(int).