Package anon.infoservice

Interface Summary
IDistributable This is a generic definition of information that is sent to other infoservices.
IDistributor This interface defines some methods which needs to be implemented by all kinds of infoservice distributors.
ImmutableListenerInterface Objects of this type only contain immutable methods.
ImmutableProxyInterface Objects of this type only contain immutable methods.
IMutableProxyInterface A proxy interface with multiple proxies that may change over time.
IServiceContextContainer This interface specifies all objects that contain information about the service context.

Class Summary
AbstractCascadeIDEntry This database class stores the IDs of all mixes in a cascade in a single string.
AbstractDatabaseEntry This is a generic definition for a database entry.
AbstractDistributableDatabaseEntry This class implements common methods that may be used by distributabe database entries.
AbstractIDEntry This is used to store the IDs of recently added database entries, so that they are not added several times after they have expired.
AbstractMarkedMessageIDDBEntry Stored all message db entries deleted by the user.
AbstractMixCascadeContainer This class keeps and returns one or more objects of the class MixCascade.
BlacklistedCascadeIDEntry Cascades of this type are blacklisted
CascadeIDEntry This database class stores the IDs of all mixes in a cascade in a single string.
ClickedMessageIDDBEntry Stored all message db entries deleted by the user.
Database This class is the generic implementation of a database.
DatabaseMessage This is the message implementation used for database-specific messages.
DataRetentionInformation Holds information about the data retention policy of a mix or cascade.
DeletedMessageIDDBEntry Stored all message db entries deleted by the user.
HTTPConnectionDescriptor Stores the information about an HTTP connection.
HTTPConnectionFactory This class creates all instances of HTTPConnection for the JAP client and is a singleton.
HttpRequestStructure This class describes an HTTP request.
HttpResponseStructure This class stores the HTTP response for the requests which reaches the InfoService.
InfoServiceDBEntry Holds the information for an infoservice.
InfoServiceHolder This class holds the instances of the InfoService class for the JAP client and is a singleton.
InfoServiceHolderMessage This is the message implementation used for InfoServiceHolder messages.
InfoServiceIDEntry Used to identify old InfoService db entries.
JAPMinVersion Holds the information about the currently minimum required JAP version to access the mixcascades.
JAPVersionInfo This stores the version information about the current JAP release or development version.
JavaVersionDBEntry Stores information about the latest java version of a specific vendor.
ListenerInterface Saves the information about a network server.
MessageDBEntry Used to send messages to JAP.
MixCascade Holds the information for a mixcascade.
MixCascadeExitAddresses Stores all exit addresses of one MixCasacde.
MixInfo Holds the information of one single mix.
MixPosition Maps the position of a Mix in a cascade to a concrete Mix ID.
NewCascadeIDEntry This class is used as a short-term memory for previously known cascades.
OperatorAddress TODO Maybe this should be turned into an IXMLEncodable...
PerformanceEntry A PerformanceEntry stores various performance-related data such as average speed or delay about a certain MixCascade.
PerformanceEntry.PerformanceAttributeEntry An entry that holds values of performance attributes.
PerformanceEntry.PerformanceAttributeFloatingTimeEntry The floating time entry.
PerformanceInfo A PerformanceInfo object holds all PerformanceEntry objects retrieved by a certain Info Service through the /performanceinfo command.
PreviouslyKnownCascadeIDEntry This class is for registering cascades that have been previously known to JAP (may be a lot of cascades...).
ProxyInterface This class is used to store information about a proxy connection.
ServiceLocation Holds the information of the location of a service.
ServiceOperator Holds the information about the operator of a service.
ServiceSoftware Holds the information about the used software of a service.
SimpleMixCascadeContainer Takes and returns a single MixCascade.
StatusInfo Holds the information of a mixcascade status.