Class AbstractMixCascadeContainer

  extended by java.util.Observable
      extended by anon.client.BasicTrustModel
          extended by anon.infoservice.AbstractMixCascadeContainer
All Implemented Interfaces:
ITrustModel, IServiceContainer
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractAutoSwitchedMixCascadeContainer, AnonProxy.DummyMixCascadeContainer, AnonProxy.EncapsulatedMixCascadeContainer, SimpleMixCascadeContainer

public abstract class AbstractMixCascadeContainer
extends BasicTrustModel
implements IServiceContainer

This class keeps and returns one or more objects of the class MixCascade.

Rolf Wendolsky

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  MixCascade getCurrentCascade()
          Returns the last return value of getNextCascade().
 AnonServerDescription getCurrentService()
abstract  MixCascade getNextCascade()
          Must return a MixCascade and never null.
abstract  boolean isReconnectedAutomatically()
abstract  boolean isServiceAutoSwitched()
abstract  void keepCurrentService(boolean a_bKeepCurrentService)
          Optional method that should allow to return the last MixCascade (Service) that was returned by getNextService() also the next time this method is called.
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Constructor Detail


public AbstractMixCascadeContainer()
Method Detail


public abstract MixCascade getNextCascade()
Must return a MixCascade and never null. The returned MixCascade may change with every call of this method.

a MixCascade and never null


public abstract MixCascade getCurrentCascade()
Returns the last return value of getNextCascade().

the last return value of getNextCascade() (may be null if no call has been done yet)


public final AnonServerDescription getCurrentService()


public abstract void keepCurrentService(boolean a_bKeepCurrentService)
Optional method that should allow to return the last MixCascade (Service) that was returned by getNextService() also the next time this method is called.

Specified by:
keepCurrentService in interface IServiceContainer
a_bKeepCurrentService - allows or dissallows to keep the current cascade for the next call


public abstract boolean isServiceAutoSwitched()
Specified by:
isServiceAutoSwitched in interface IServiceContainer


public abstract boolean isReconnectedAutomatically()
Specified by:
isReconnectedAutomatically in interface IServiceContainer