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Build #17 (Mar 30, 2017 7:28:24 PM)

Revision: 795
  1. uses new anonlib, which fixes a bug in CSR generation (detail)
    by sk13
  2. Removed old unused certificate
    new version number (detail)
    by rolf
  3. Added VPN as a proxy type (detail)
    by sk13
  4. new mix and infoservice root certificates (detail)
    by rolf
  5. (detail)
    by sk13
  6. Removed usage of some deprecated BouncyCastle classes (detail)
    by sk13
  7. (detail)
    by sk13
  8. (detail)
    by sk13
  9. Update homepage in Debian control (detail)
    by ness
Changes in dependency
  1. guilib #7#23 (detail)

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