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This group of settings can be accessed by clicking Config in the main window. In the settings menu you will find the point Services on the left side.

The following settings relate to fundamental functions of JonDo.

  • Anonymity and Mix cascades
    Here you can check information about the available anonymity services and change further settings.

  • InfoService
    InfoServices supply information about available services and updates to the application. Here you can administer JonDo's access to InfoServices.
    -> only available in Extended View.

  • Anti Censorship
    Contains all settings necessary to use your JonDo as a forwarding server. Users can then reach mix services through your JonDo.
    -> only available in Extended View.

  • Certificate Authorities
    Certificates are necessary for ensuring authenticity of mixes, InfoServices and their operators. Here you can administer the root certificates of the program.
    -> only available in Extended View.

Please remember
JonDo has all necessary settings preconfigured so that you can connect to the available services right away. Changing these settings is usually not needed.

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Stable Version

Beta Version


Status of available AN.ON services and information about them.

Aktuell / News

Restrictions for the Dresden (JAP) anonymisation servers
After careful consideration we have decided to restrict the size of downloads over the Dresden (JAP) mixes a little. The reason is to allow a more fair use of scarce resources of our servers especially for users who simply want to surf the Web. more...