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Manage your premium accounts

To get to this settings panel click "Config" in JonDo's main window and then choose "Payment" from the list to the left.

Premium accounts

In this dialog you can create new accounts for use with the premium services. You can administer your existing accounts also.


In this list you can see all the accounts that you have created. When you access this dialog for the first time the list will be empty for no accounts have been created yet.

Next to the list of accounts you will see the following information about your account:

  • Creation date

    The date on which you have created the account.

  • Valid to

    The date on which the account expires.

  • Payment Instance

    The payment instance where you have registered your account. Below will be a link to the general terms and conditions of trade of the payment instance. Please remember that the GTCTs of the mix operators are valid self-supportingly.

If a message "no backup copy yet" is displayed next to the list then you have not yet made a backup of the selected account. We recommend that you make a backup of every account to an external drive. This will protect your credit from data loss. By clicking either the message itself or the button "Backup" you can save the selected account.

You can take the following actions:

  • Create account
    Lets you create a new account. The process of creating a new account may take a while because a complex cryptographic process has to be started. This is necessary for the process to be confidential and to ensure information integrity. During the creation process you may be asked a security question. The actual creation process depends on the method of payment that you have chosen. Please follow the instructions on-screen. When your account has been successfully created it will appear in the account list.

    IMPORTANT Please save your account to an external drive after creation, e.g. an USB stick. It will protect you from data loss.

  • Transactions
    Here you can view a list of the transactions for all the accounts. There can only be one transaction per account. You can delete an empty account that you have not paid for or that you have depleted anytime. You may also create one or more new accounts whenever you want.

  • Change password
    By clicking this button you can provide a new password for encrypting your account data. The password is valid for all of your accounts.
    If you want to erase your password, click "Change password" and enter nothing as your new password.

  • Import
    Here you can import a previously exported account.

Information about account balance

In this section you can see all information available concerning the currently selected account, and you can apply some actions too. You will be shown in particular

  • the remaining volume on your selected account,
  • the previous overall consumption,
  • the amount that you have paid in and
  • the date when the account was updated the last time.

You can take the following actions:

  • Activate

    With this button you can activate the selected account for connection to a premium service. The active account is emphasized. Password protected accounts can be unlocked by clicking this button and entering your password.

  • Reload

    Fetches the current account balance from the payment instance.

  • Delete

    Deletes your account.

    ATTENTION: If there is any positive balance left on your account it will be irretrievably lost if you did not make a backup copy.

  • Backup

    This button saves the selected account data to a file. This is useful when you need to regain access to your account after a complete data loss or you have reinstalled JonDo or the whole OS. This is why you should copy the exported file to an external media (e.g. an USB stick).

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