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Verify the OpenPGP signatures

For all downloads we provide OpenPGP signatures. All signatur files were created with the OpenPGP key 0xF1305880. To verify the signatures you have to fetch it from a key server or download and import the key file JonDos_GmbH.asc. Verify the fingerprint of the key and afterwards verify the signatur of your downloads.

Using GnuPG at command line

Import the OpenPGP key from a key server and verify the fingerprint of the key:

> gpg --recv 0xF1305880
> gpg --fingerprint 0xF1305880
fingerprint: 1866 F973 8C97 A3D6 56A4 E142 F510 0840 F130 5880

Verify the signature of the file <filename>:

> gpg --verify <filename>.asc
gpg: Signature made ...... using DSA key ID F1305880
gpg: Good signature from "JonDos GmbH"


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Status of available AN.ON services and information about them.

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