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This window is only available in Extended View. To get there, click Config in the main window and choose InfoService from the list on the left side.

The InfoService delivers necessary information to JonDo about available services and updates. Multiple InfoSerivces of different organizations are available in JonDonym. They share and match their data so that they all have the same information in the end. This ensures availability of the information. Most information is requested redundantly so that no single InfoService may fake or conceal information.

Please beware
Changing these settings may render JonDo incapable of discovering any services.


On this page, you can see the InfoServices that are known to your JonDo client. The currently preferred InfoService appears in bold. You can take the following actions:
  • Download list
    Here you can download a new list of InfoServices.

  • Set as default
    By clicking this button the selected InfoService will be chosen as the default InfoService. This default InfoService will be contacted first for redundant requests and it will not be deleted from the list of available InfoServices, even if it may be temporarily unavailable.

  • Certificates
    A click on this button will show the certificate for this InfoService and its operator. JonDo only accepts information from InfoServices that have identified themselves with a trustworthy certificate.

    The certificates of the preset InfoServices are already included in JonDo.

  • Add
    When you choose this action, an additional input area for manually adding an InfoService appears at below.

    These settings are usually not needed as InfoServices are discovered automatically.

    • InfoService host
      Enter here the host name or IP address of the InfoService that you want to add.

    • InfoService port
      Enter the port of the new InfoService here.

    • InfoService name (opitonal)
      If you like, you can enter a name for the InfoService here. The new InfoService then appears with this name in the list of known InfoServices. If the field is left empty the InfoService is listed as a combination of host name and port.

    • OK
      Click this button to confirm your entry and insert the new InfoService.

    • Cancel
      Discard changes and return to the previous window.

    This part of the window also appears if you select an InfoService which has already been entered manually. You may then change this InfoService's data or delete it.

  • Remove
    When you click on this button the selected InfoService will be removed from the list of known InfoServices.

    Deleting the default or preset InfoServices is impossible.

Advanced settings

  • Anonymous connections to InfoServices
    Only if direct connection is not possible makes JonDo connect to InfoServices through the currently active JonDonym service if the respective InfoService is not available through a direct connection. This could for example be the case if your ISP blocks access to the InfoService.

    Always (deny non-anonymous connection) will result in InfoServices being contacted only through JonDonym services. By setting this, you may under circumstances no longer be able to receive updated information about the JonDonym network, and as a consequence, no longer, or only to some extent, be able to connect to anonymization services.

    Never (allow direct connection only) can make sense if you want to cut cost. For InfoService data transmitted through premium JonDonym services will for compelling technical reasons be accounted for just like any other user data. This setting blocks any requests of InfoService data through the anonymous connection.
  • Enable automatic InfoService requests
    JonDo regularly attempts to connect to the InfoServices to update the information saved locally. If this box is not checked these automatic connections will cease. You will then have to update the InfoService data by clicking the different refresh buttons in the respective windows regularly. Otherwise program functionality may not be guaranteed.

  • Do redundant requests to different InfoServices
    Define how many InfoServices will be queried. If you set this value to 3, for example, JonDo will always try to reach 3 InfoServices for the requested information. Should one of them be offline JonDo will try to reach the other two. The higher the value the more resilient against malfunction JonDo will become but the more time these queries will consume also. The default InfoService will always be contacted first. In the beta version you can completely deactivate this option so that only the default InfoService will be asked, no matter whether it is available or not. This may make it impossible to connect to InfoServices at all.

  • Connection timeout (s)
    If your Internet connection is too slow a timeout for requests of the information set too short may prevent JonDo from establishing a connection and receiving the information. A timeout set too high may cause long waiting times if one or more InfoServices are slow or unavailable. Therefore, lower or raise the timeout as needed.

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Status of available AN.ON services and information about them.

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