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Circumvent blocking of JonDonym

Because JonDonym offers censorship-free access to the internet and protects against surveillance it is blocked by some gouvernments. You can circumvent the blocking of JonDonym in several ways.

If your JonDo proxy client did not get a connection to InfoServices or Mix cascades and the "Assistant" could not find a solution, first you may try a proxy to avoid the blocking of JonDonym services. If you didn't find a working proxy you may try the anti-censorship forwarder of JonDo.

The anti-censorship forwarder will connenct you to other JonDo users with free access to the mix cascades. It does not compromise your anonymity. The forwarder will only see multiply encrypted traffic. But it may slow down your Internet connection. Additionally, the forwarder may not be stable because the connected forwarder goes down or changes the IP address.

Step 1: Enable the Anti-Censorship Forwarder

Open the configuration dialog of JonDo and go to the "Network" section. Enable the option "Connenct to other JAP/JonDo users"

Enable the forwarder
Step 2: Try a connection to the InfoServices

Close the configuration dialog and enable "Anonymity on" in the main window. JonDo will try to fetch available forwarders from the InfoServices.

fetching forwarders
Step 3a: It is not possible to connect to InfoServices

If not only Mix cascades but InfoServices are blocked as well, JonDo can't connect to the InfoServices. Click on "Cancel" and write an e-mail to "japmailsystem (at) infoservice.inf.tu-dresden.de" with the subject "GetForwarder en". You will get an answer with a very cryptic text. Insert the text in the following dialog box.

Step 3b: Connection to InfoServices was successful

If only Mix cascades are blocked and the connenction to InfoServices was successful, you have to solve a (strong) CAPTCHA. If you can't solve the CAPTCHA you may get a new one by cancelling the dialog, going the the main window and setting "Anonymity off" and afterwards "Anonymity on" again.

solve a captcha
Step 4: Choose a Mix cascade

Now you can choose a Mix cascade. Please keep in mind: You can not switch the Mix cascade by using the anti-censorship forwarder during a session. If you need an other Mix cascade you have to switch "Anonymity off" and afterwards "Anonymity on" and go through all the steps again.

choose a mix cascade
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