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Circumvent blocking of JonDonym

Because JonDonym offers censorship-free access to the Internet and protects against surveillance it is blocked by some governments. You can circumvent the blocking of JonDonym in several ways.

Use a proxy to circumvent blocking of JonDonym

If your JonDo proxy client did not get a connection to InfoServices or Mix cascades and the "Assistant" could not find a solution, you may try a proxy to avoid the blocking of JonDonym services. You can get addresses of free proxies at xroxy.org or you may ask JonDos by e-mail for some proxy addresses.

Using a proxy with JonDo does not compromise your anonymity. The proxy will see only multiply encrypted traffic and will forward the traffic to the Mix cascades.

Configure the proxy settings in JonDo

Open the configuration dialog of JonDo and go to the "Network" section. Enable the option "I am forced to use a proxy" and set the proxy type, host address and port.

Configure a proxy

Afterwards you may run the "Assistant" again to check your settings and try to get connected.

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