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This panel is only available in the Extended View. To get to this panel, click Config in JonDo's main window and then select Debugging from the list to the left.

Here you can configure which status and error messages appear in the console while running JonDo (for example in a DOS shell). If you're having problems with JonDo, you might be able to localize them using these error messages. If you would like help from us, you should definitely attach the appropriate error messages to your e-mail. Please attach your JonDo configuration file also, and then send the mail to support@jondos.de.

Please read the page about further help also.

To configure log messages you are given the following options:

  • Show messages belonging to the following subsystems
    By selecting the checkbox for a topic you can choose whether you want to receive messages related to this topic.

  • Show messages of the following level
    With the slider you can set the level of priority a message must have in order to be shown in the console. If the slider is at the very bottom, only messages concerning severe problems preventing correct functioning of the service will be shown.

  • Detail level of log messages
    The higher the slider the more detailed log messages will be.

  • Show messages in a separate window
    If this box is checked a separate window will appear for debug messages. In this window you can copy, save or send the messages to us.

  • Write messages to the following file
    If this box is checked you can indicate a file in which the debug messages are to be saved.

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