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Commandline arguments for JonDo

JonDo can also be launched from the commandline. Run JAP.jar with:

java -jar JAP.jar <switches>

For Windows use:

javaw -jar JAP.jar <switches>

Several switches can be specified on startup.

  • --help, -h

    Shows a help message.

  • --console

    JonDo will only be running in a console. This means that no graphical user interface will be shown.
    In order to quit JonDo, type "exit" and press Enter.
    In order to save the configuration, type "save" and press Enter.

    The console version offers only limited functionality and allows for no configuration at the moment. It is thus recommended to configure the jap.conf in a GUI and to copy it to the environment in which the console version of JonDo will be run.

  • --cascade {[host][:port][:id]}

    Connects to the specified mix cascade.

  • --minimized, -m

    JonDo will start in the Mini View ->.

  • --noSplash, -s

    Suppresses the splash screen at JonDo startup. Starting JonDo will then seem to take a little bit longer, as it takes some time until the JonDo main window is initialized. The splash screen's function is to bridge this time gap.

  • --noSystemErrorLog

    Disallow logging to the standard error stream.

  • --hideUpdate

    Hide all internal update features (used for Debian package).

  • --allow-multiple, -a

    Allows for multiple instances of JonDo running at the same time.

  • --listen, -l {[host][:port]}

    Specifies the interface JonDo will listen to. The relative setting in the configuration of JonDo will be overwritten.

  • --forwarder, -f {port}

    Act as a forwarder (TCP/IP) and listen on a specified port.

  • --portable [path_to_browser]

    Tells JonDo that it runs in a portable environment. If a path to a portable browser is given, it may also be launched directly from JonDo. JonDo will use this browser for internal connections to websites also.

  • --portable-help-path [html]

    Path to external HTML help for usage in portable mode.

  • --portable-jre

    Should be set if JonDo runs with a portable JRE. Suppresses update messages for Java.

  • --uninstall, -u

    Deletes all files created by the application.
    Attention: Volume accounts not saved to a separate file will be lost!

  • --version, -v

    JonDo will print version information for JonDo and Java to the console window.

  • --config {Filename}, -c {Filename}

    JonDo will use the specified configuration file instead of the standard configuration file ->.

  • --extractHelp [directory]

    Extract the internal help files (HTML) to a directory.


In order to start JonDo minimized open a console window, switch to the directory where JAP.jar is located and enter the following command:

java -jar JAP.jar --minimized

You may also use these arguments in Windows shortcuts. Just click on the JonDo shortcut with the right mouse button, choose Settings and edit the shortcut as follows:

Target: <Path to JonDo>\jap.exe <switches>
Run in: <Path to JAP.jar>

Substitute <Path to JonDo> with the actual path to the files JAP.jar and japdll.dll (typically C:\Program Files\JonDo) and choose the arguments you wish as <switches>.

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