Todo List

Member mixconfig::panels::CascadePanel.load (JTextField a_textField)
This implementation is only needed because of a bug in the dynamic configuration of the mix.

Member mixconfig::panels::GeneralPanel.GeneralPanel ()
not needed any more; remove...

Class mixconfig.panels.MixConfigPanel
Find another way to synchronize non-ItemSelectables. The FocusListener is not a safe way.

Member mixconfig::panels::NextMixProxyPanel.enableComponents ()
do not save outgoing if it is disabled; edit MixConfigPanel...

Member mixconfig::panels::OtherMixPanel.OtherMixPanel (String a_mixType)
Specify correct name for operator cert

Member mixconfig::panels::OtherMixPanel.check ()
Implement this mixconfig.MixConfigPanel method

Member mixconfig::panels::OwnCertificatesPanel::OperatorCertCreationValidator.isValid ()
check if it is really a valid url

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