Interface Summary

Class Summary
AccountSettingsPanel The Jap Conf Module (Settings Tab Page) for the Accounts and payment Management also contains the setup for the account creation/charging wizard
AccountSettingsPanel.MyFileFilter Filefilter for the import function
ActivePaymentDetails Shows details for active payments invoked by clicking on "Details" for an active payment transaction in the transactions overview Shows detailed info for ALL active payments (maybe highlight the method that was originally selected for the TAN?)
BISelectionDialog This dialog fetches all known Payment Instances from the InfoService and lets the user select one.
CoinstackProgressBarUI This class is an extended progress bar that uses coin images for displaying progress
FlatrateDialog Deprecated. : outdated, since this dialog can't show multiple volume plans Choosing a plan has been integrated into the regular charge wizard instead
PassivePaymentDetails Shows detailed info for a passive payment transaction invoked by clicking
TransactionOverviewDialog This dialog shows an overview of transaction numbers for an account