How to use the anonymizing service

On the register card Configuration, the settings and the current status of JAP concerning the connection to the anon service is displayed under the option Anonymity. When the check box Activate anonymous web access is activated in the main program window, JAP directs all requests through the anon service. Directly below this, the URL of the first mix is displayed. Additionally, there is a status display that provides information about the service's usability. If you want to surf anonymously, it must show Status: active.

Please note that you must have connected to the Internet before activating anonymous access, since JAP establishes a permanent connection to the first mix. This connection remains active even if you don't send any requests, since status information is periodically exchanged.

Please note that, as long as the anonymous access is activated, the automatic disconnection after a certain time of inactivity does not work, since JAP permanently gets status information from the Info Service.


You can change the URL of the anon service if you want to use a different mix cascade. To do so, please click on the Change button.

Now there are three possibilities to choose another anon service:

  • You can ask the InfoService to update the locally stored list of anon services. For this, select Fetch available... and click the Fetch button. This procedure updates the local database.
  • From the local database you can select an anon service by choosing Select Anon Server and clicking on the name of one of the anon services in the drop down menu.
  • Apart from this you have the opportunity to enter the URL of the anon service manually.

Manually entering the anon service makes sense if there are alternative operators of mix cascades who work with the JAP protocol. Normally, only the first two settings should be used.



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Status of available AN.ON services and information about them.

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